Course Syllabus


Whether you are a new or continuing student at HSU, this orientation is designed to help you become comfortable with the online learning environment, gain experience with Canvas, and build the skills you need to be successful in your online courses. eLearning 101 consists of 7 sections, and takes about 2-3 hours to complete. You can work at your own pace, and log in and out as needed. Please note that eLearning 101 is mobile friendly, so you can access it on your computer, tablet, iPad, or smart phone. Once you complete all activities, you will receive the eLearning 101 Achievement Badge that will post to your Canvas profile.

To get started, please begin with the Start Here module, and read all information and directions.  You don’t need to complete eLearning 101  in one sitting.  You can log out and return to the orientation any time to complete it.

Course Learning Outcomes

eLearning 101 is an online class designed to help you become successful as an online learner. After the class you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate your ability to use Canvas and other online tools to learn effectively
  • Explain how to find technical and academic support resources
  • Describe factors that influence online learning and use this understanding to help you succeed as an online learner
  • Apply the principles of effective online communication
  • Develop confidence in your ability to succeed in future online college courses

Structure of eLearning 101

eLearning 101 has 7 modules (topics) that you can easily locate in the Modules link on the left side course navigation menu: Start Here (Welcome), Canvas, Communication, Motivation, Time Management,  Learning Strategies, Study Skills and Student Support. Please read through each module carefully and complete the activities at the end. Once you complete all activities, you will receive an Achievement Badge.  Each module is structured the same, with four sections:

  1. Overview:  A brief description of the topic
  2. Learning Outcomes:  What you can expect to learn from the module
  3. Content:  Detailed information about the topic with some interactive elements
  4. Quiz or Survey:  a means to help you monitor your learning

Where to find help

  • If you have difficulties locating materials or completing the activities, please post a question in the Questions Forum (Links to an external site.) below.  You can also find this forum at the upper right in the facilitators information block on every page. You will receive a reply within 24 hours. If you have a question that requires an immediate answer, please email the facilitator for eLearning 101:  Pamela Dougherty: (copy and paste email address into your HSU email)
  • For technical assistance, contact HSU’s Help Desk at (707) 826-4357 or email
  • For Canvas support, please contact the LMS Office at (707) 826-3633 or email  The LMS Office in located in the Library, room 315

Students with Disabilities

eLearning 101 was developed with accessibility in mind, following best practices for compliance.  However if you require accommodations for this orientation, please contact one of the facilitators for this course (contact information below) as soon as you can, so we can assist you promptly. Students who wish to request disability-related accommodations for their courses should contact the Student Disability Resource Center (Links to an external site.) in the Learning Commons, Lower Library, 826-4678 (voice) or 826-5392 (TDD). It's important to do this before your courses begin, with as much advanced notice as possible. For further information, please see: (Links to an external site.)


Course Summary:

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