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Revised 8/22/22 - following March 2016 Humboldt policy, accessibility reviewed

(required in syllabus) A website has been created where you can find information about campus policies and procedures and resources for students. The site includes links such as Add/Drop Policy, Resources for Students with Disabilities, Academic Honesty Policy, Attendance and Disruptive Behavior Policy, Financial Aid, Emergency Procedures, and Counseling and Psychological Services. Syllabus Addendum - Campus Resources Policies Website

Humboldt Syllabi Policy

Course Information

  • Course title, number, section
  • Days, times, location
  • Semester and year
  • Format (online/hybrid/face-to-face)

Instructor Information 

Instructor name:

Email: (email address and instructions; course name in subject line)


Office Hours:

How and when to contact instructor:

Instructor bio: (optional)

Course Description

(Include catalog and extended description, pre- and co-requisites, if relevant, minimum grades needed for this course to count towards major or minor requirements)

Required Textbook/Course Materials

Sample language

Please read the Technical Skills and Requirements to understand the Minimum Hardware and Software needed for this course.

Required Textbook:

Other Required Materials:

Recommended Materials (optional):

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

  • GEAR, program and Humboldt student learning outcomes that are relevant for the course

Course Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • First course outcome
  • Second course outcome
  • Third course outcome, etc.

Course Schedule

Check the Course Schedule for more detail on the topics for this semester. (Sample: Course schedule as listed in syllabus. -or- Course schedule as listed in Canvas) Messages from your instructor will be sent to you at the email address used in your Humboldt profile.

Course Calendar

  • Include assignment due dates, exam dates, and date of final exam
  • Faculty may want to include a “subject to change with fair notice” statement
  • Option: link to a calendar page or document

Course Overview

Sample language

This class is being taught fully online/hybrid/face-to-face. This is not a self-paced class. You will first to learn how to use Canvas to find materials, take quizzes and exams, and submit completed works electronically. You should do your work in this course with a high priority and complete reading assignment, group discussions, and exams on time. Timely submission of class assignments is important to your success in this course.

Course Requirements

  • Papers, projects, exams, quizzes, homework, laboratory work, fieldwork, field trips, class participation, etc.
  • Faculty may want to include a statement about the expected time that students will need to spend studying/doing coursework outside of class
  • Include specific information regarding academic integrity relevant to your course, as well as information about whether collaboration is allowed and in what form
  • Faculty may want to include a statement regarding classroom and online conduct and professional etiquette

List weekly or regular assignments here: (samples below)

  • You are expected to take a weekly quiz….
  • All students are expected to read the assigned chapters each week. Please review each week’s objectives before you read the assignments.
  • Teamwork? Describe here.
  • The number of activities will vary but you can expect about 4-5 each week.
  • Additional participation is encouraged and will enhance your understanding of the material. You should expect to contribute substantive and relevant posts frequently to the discussion area for each topic for the best learning experience. Postings must demonstrate your comprehension of the week’s concepts.

Course Modality

Sample language

This course is offered in a face-to-face format and will use Canvas for accessing course materials and some assignment submissions. Please follow the Course Schedule.


This course is offered online, over the Internet using Canvas, Humboldt's learning management system. This allows you to access the course materials from a computer with any standard web browser already installed. One of the exciting advantages of online learning is that you can plan your class time to fit your schedule. However, it is important to balance this flexibility with your new responsibility of scheduling your own learning.

Online Course, Statement for Intellectual Property (optional)

Sample language

Copyright – Students are prohibited from selling and otherwise distributing course material to any person or commercial firm and may not use any course material (syllabus included) outside of the parameters needed to complete the course for any purpose without (Instructor Name) expressed written consent.

Need Help? (optional)

Sample language

If you have questions about the course, such as concepts covered in the course, your assignments, or scores post your question in the Ask Questions Here forum in the Discussion link on the left navigation menu. (Be sure to offer your assistance there, too, when you can!) You may also contact (instructor info here), during office hours, or by appointment.

For technical questions, such as the suitability of your home computer for the course, installing plug-ins, problems with your password, etc., contact the Humboldt Help Desk ( or 707-826-4357).

Inclusivity (optional)

Sample language

Students in this class are encouraged to speak up and participate in-class and online. Each of us must show respect for each other because our class represents a diversity of beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences. I believe that this is what will enrich all of our experiences together. I recognize that our individual differences can deepen our understanding of one another and the world around us, rather than divide us. In this class, people of all ethnicities, genders and gender identities, religions, ages, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, regions, and nationalities are strongly encouraged to share their rich array of perspectives and experiences. If you feel your differences may in some way isolate you from our classroom community or if you have a specific need, please speak with me early in the semester so that we can work together to help you become an active and engaged member of our class and community. (Adapted from CSU Chico and Winona State University). This course was built with accessibility in mind. However, if you discover something in the course that is not as accessible as it could be, please alert your instructor as soon as possible.

Expectations of the Student (required for online/hybrid/distance courses)

Sample language

  1. Log into the course daily. Come to class. Other
  2. Expect to spend about _______ hours per week working on this course.
  3. Prepare to the best of your ability for every aspect of this course.
  4. Take the opportunity to learn how to write your own thoughts; don't plagiarize. Be sure to give credit where credit is due and cite your sources or use footnotes or endnotes.
  5. Learning through collaboration (defined as working with or learning from another) is an effective tool used in this class and in your future employment. When I expect you to collaborate, I'll make it very clear in the assignment instructions. All other work in this class is to be done independently.
  6. If you haven't already, please read the Humboldt Academic Honesty Policy to make sure you understand the importance of your academic integrity.
  7. External tools we will be using in this class:
  8. Who will have access to student content:

Expectations of the Instructor (required for online/hybrid/distance courses)

Sample language

If we all live up to our academic responsibilities, this course will be meaningful for all who participate. Please feel free to discuss these points with me at any time during the course this semester.

  1. I will prepare and review course materials to be as current and accurate as possible.
  2. I will be available to answer questions or issues that may arise for you during this course. Expect a 24-hour turnaround time for response to emails.
  3. I will try to the best of my ability to prepare you for the exams and other assessments in this course.
  4. I will utilize fair and honest evaluation techniques for each assignment required for this course.
  5. To the best of my ability, make this a valid and worthwhile learning experience.
  6. I will do my best to address the needs of a diverse range of learning styles in this course.
  7. I will make every effort to follow QLT (Quality Learning and Teaching) best practices.
  8. I will only share your student information per FERPA guidelines.

Technical Assistance

Sample language

It is crucial to seek help when you can’t access Canvas or you have difficulty with your computer settings or browser:

  • For technical assistance contact Humboldt’s Help Desk at 707.826.HELP (4357) or send an email to
  • For Canvas support, please use the Help button located on the bottom left of your course.
  • Please see the Canvas Student Guides to learn more about specific functions.

Special notes: Browsers and Mobile Devices

  1. The Canvas app: Available for iOS or Android: Canvas Mobile Guides
  2. Firefox is the recommended browser for accessing the Canvas LMS (learning management system). If you have problems opening some content, first try another browser. If you are using a mobile device, try accessing the content on a computer.
  3. If Flash-based content is used in this course, it won't display on Mobile devices, especially iOS devices.
  4. External URLs: To open certain URLs (http vs https) you may be prompted to click on the shield icon in your browser to “allow” access to the unsecure content. Simply click on the shield and click the “allow” button when asked.
  5. Please note that some content may be blocked if you are using a campus computer, as Cal Poly Humboldt computer labs do not allow opening certain types of unsecure content.

Evaluation and Grades

Grading information

  • A statement of how you will determine the letter grades for the course, including +/- grades if you use them
  • Extra credit options, if available
  • List of the percentage weight assigned to various class assignments
  • Course requirements on late or missed work, including exams
  • Course requirements on attendance, tardiness, and class participation, including an explicit statement of terms and/or penalties which pertain to student participation in co- and extracurricular activities

Sample language

You will be able to track your grade throughout the course using the "Grades" link in the left side navigation menu on each course page. If you have any questions about your grade, contact the instructor promptly.

A letter grade will be determined by total accumulated points (500 possible points) as follows:

  • A = (94-100%); A- = (90-93%)
  • B+ = (87-89%); B = (83-86%); B- = (80-82%)
  • C+ = (77-79%); C = (73-76%); C- = (70-72%)
  • D+ = (67-69%); D = (60-66%)
  • F= (≤ 59%)

Refer to the Course Schedule for due dates for each assignment, as well as the Assignment Details for more information on these assignments. Each student is responsible for completing all assignments and activities as specified by the instructor. See the Assignment Details for specific information about each assignment, including how it will be evaluated. All assignments should be completed to pass the course. Assignments and papers will be submitted online. Need instructions for submitting assignments online? If you have problems submitting your assignments, contact the Humboldt Help Desk ( or 707-826-4357) immediately by phone or email to resolve the problem.

Grading Rubric

Course Requirements

Percent of Total Grade

Weekly Quizzes


Weekly Discussions


Weekly Assignments


Final Project


Incomplete Grades

Sample language

Please contact the instructor if you have any concerns about completing course requirements. 

Late Work

Sample language

If you have an emergency, please notify me immediately if this affects your coursework or attendance.

Face Mask Syllabus Statement

Sample language

Please visit Humboldt’s Campus Ready page for the most up to date information regarding Covid safety on campus.

Statement for Intellectual Property (optional)

© All rights reserved. (Instructor Name) 2022.

Sample language

Reproduction, distribution, and/or sale of any course material, including this course syllabus, is prohibited without (Instructor Name) written consent.

University Policies:

University Policies

For the relevant campus policies visit the Syllabus Addendum page.